Hamilton Disability Lawyers Multi-year Accessibility Plan
Hamilton's Accessibility Plan

Multi-year Accessibility Plan

The City of Hamilton is dedicated to ensuring that Council, all levels of corporate management, and staff plan, execute, and evaluate strategies and initiatives to ensure that people with disabilities and their families have access to barrier-free programs, services, and opportunities. The City does so in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005’s criteria for information and communications, employment, transportation, public space design (built environment), and customer service.

Strategic Goals

The multi-year strategy includes six strategic goals that demonstrate the City’s commitment to meeting the standards of the AODA, 2005, Customer Service Standard, and Integrated Accessibility Standards. Each strategic aim focuses on a different component of how we want to design, execute, and implement policies, programs, services, resources, and opportunities for people with disabilities in an equitable way that honors their dignity and independence while also taking into consideration their handicap.

The first strategic goal is to

When accessing and utilizing the City’s services, programs, resources, and opportunities, people with disabilities get equitable, inclusive, and accessible customer service that meets their requirements.

Strategic Objective No. 2

Potential employees with disabilities will be accommodated and supported throughout the recruitment, assessment, selection, and employment process, as well as while seeking advancement possibilities.

Strategic Goal Three

The City’s website and self-service kiosks, among other sources of information and communication, are fully accessible and available in accessible forms.

Fourth strategic goal

When using the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) and the Accessible Transit System, people with disabilities have access to barrier-free services and programs (ATS).

Strategic Objective No. 5

When it comes to accessing programs, services, resources, and opportunities, city facilities are fully accessible or will implement accessibility measures to suit the needs of people with disabilities.

Sixth strategic goal

Staff is knowledgeable and able to recognize and identify barriers to accessibility when designing, planning, delivering, and implementing services, programs, and opportunities for the public, as well as when procuring or acquiring goods, services, or facilities, thanks to training and experimental learning.

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